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"Some people dream of success, we make it happen."


The TKTV team has work experience in all 50 United States and 73 countries around the world.

Producers of

High Tech Solutions

for the World's

Highest Profile Clients


Since 1978

Established in 1978 as Down to Earth, we were pioneers in receiving signals from satellites.


In 1984 the company became STAR Satellite Television And Radio, Inc. and had become leading experts globally for ad-hoc satellite communications with a focus on broadcast & cable television transmission. We were some of the founders of the videoconference industry and STAR grew to become the second largest producers of satellite videoconferences in the world.


Through the 80's & 90's we continued to add high tech including microwave & fiber optics. Within one year of the Internet becoming public domain, we were putting video on it making us some of the first in the world to do so.


In 2006 we added top production executives and shifted to more of a consulting and production house where we offer the very best high tech services from the top Vendors globally. Along with that came our name change to TKTV.      Tim Kuglin Technical Ventures.

Tech allows the STUDY OF ART

while preserving it's integrity

The TKTV Artifact Team works with museums and private art collections to preserve artifacts

with the latest digital technologies including photogrammetry, LiDAR, UAV drone UHD video, and more.

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