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We have been producers on over 6000 live TV events.

Billions of people have seen live images that we were responsible for.

"Some people dream of success, we make it happen."


Producers of

High Tech Solutions

for the World's

Highest Profile Clients


Since 1978

We have solutions in television production, video production, and live stage shows.


TKTV television production services include network broadcast TV production,

syndicated programming, cable TV network production, web video content and corporate video.

Custom Applications  (Apps)

All of our Application services are custom designed for each unique clients needs. We provide solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality Apps created specifically to fulfill three prime directives:

1) Immersive User Experience

2) Improve Productivity through Employee Efficiency

3) Reduce Legal Exposure and Financial Risk

Preproduction planning

One of the most important phase of TV production is preproduction. In this phase, the basic ideas and approaches of the production are developed and set into motion. It is in this phase that the TV production can be set on a proper course or misdirected (messed up) to such an extent that no amount of time, talent, or editing expertise can save it.


Part of preproduction is the Target Audience Assessment. In order for the program to be successful, the needs, interests, and general background of the target audience must be studied and kept in mind throughout each part of the Television production process.

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Production Services

Hire the right production team management. The TKTV Broadcast Team can provide your show with:


Production Services

  • Venue / Stage selection

  • Production Trucks

  • Studios

  • Fly-away gear

  • Lighting

  • Show Power

  • Communications

Production Crews

Shows are only as good as the people making them.

  1. Producers

  2. Directors

  3. Writers

  4. Talent

  5. Technical Directors

  6. Directors of Photography

  7. Art Directors

  8. Lighting Directors

  9. Stage Managers

  10. Camera Operators

  11. Audio A1s & A2s

  12. Playback Operators & CGI Operators

  13. Make-up Artists & Hair Dressers & Wardrobe

  14. Editors and Post Production Specialists

  15. Production Assistants

Tech allows the STUDY OF ART

while preserving it's integrity

The TKTV Artifact Team works with museums and private art collections to preserve artifacts

with the latest digital technologies including photogrammetry, LiDAR, UAV drone UHD video, and more.

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